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Adventure Activities in Namibia

Amazing Trails provides a wide selection of Adventure Activities available in Namibia for active lifestyle enthusiasts and adventurers. 

The adventure activities listed by Amazing Trails are as thrilling and diverse as Namibia!

Try something new or seek out activities you love and pursue them in Namibia with one of our listed activity providers. There is an activity for everyone!

All Activities

All Activities

All Activities

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Our Members

Thinking of signing up with Amazing Trails? When you sign up with one of our below options one of our staff members will upload 3 of your trails on your property. See the benefits and costing below.

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Equipment Rental

If you need to rent equipment, we probably have it! Getting out there is great, and outdoor adventure is food for the soul. But the costs can be daunting, especially if it’s a bucket list and you’ll never use all that specialist lit again.

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